Top 10 Military Weapons Ever Created for War

Ever since world war in spite of signing several treaties countries around the world were in constant efforts to bring a transformation in design and ability of military weapons. These weapons are efficient in performing the duties as loyal soldiers with amazing speed, agility and light weight.

Starting from bottom Longbow Apache a deathly helicopter makes its position at number 10.Well known as a Dragon for its exceptional ability to fire at enemies’ tank it proved itself at gulf war wrecking more than 500 Iraqi tanks simultaneously with a surprising attack. These had been extensively used in 1970s and later in Korean War. Considering the features it has got 30 calibre chain gun firing 625 rounds per minute with target more than 2 miles away. The imaging system to trace 256 targets at a time from a distance of around 10 km. The job of pilot is to make sure to set the target so accurately

Top 5 Military Main Battle Tanks

This is a listing of major battle tanks and additional vehicles that perform the operational military role in many countries of the world. First, there is a main battle tank that is in the category of powerful, heavily toughened and amply transportable tank